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Bike Covers


Status - In Stock     Price - $135.00 inc GST

DRIVEN Bike Armor is designed to help keep your bike safe and protected from whatever mother nature may throw it’s way.  Featuring reinforced attachment points so you can securely lock the cover to your motorcycle and help deter theft, while a clip type buckle keeps the cover in place in windy conditions.  The cover also features breathable areas to prevent moisture from accumulating once the cover has been installed.  The right side of the cover contains a heat shield to protect itself from hot exhausts.  Make no mistake, DRIVEN Bike Armor helps protect from harmful UV rays, wet weather conditions, and daily dust/moisture build up.  Take care of your bike so it can take you where you want to go!
POSTAGE - $10.00


- Made from Durable Polyester

- 100% Water proof

- Fastening Buckle

- Reinforced Eyelets

- Air Vents

Part #’s & Pricing:

- DBA-SM $125.00

- DBA-MD $125.00

- DBA-LG $125.00



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