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Elf Moto Lubricants

Elf Moto 4 dx Ratio 20W-50 (4 Litres )

Status - In Stock     Price - $42.95 inc GST

Appropriate to any 4-stroke motorcycle engines.
This rational lubricant lubricates all standard engines. Its improved functionality
protects the engine under all daily urban traffic and rural conditions.
Compatible with catalytic converters. The drain intervals recommended by the
manufacturers and the minimum viscosity requirements must be compiled with.
This lubricant is compatible with unleaded fuels. International Specifications �� API SG �� JASO MA.


Elf Moto 4hp eco 10W-40 (4 litres)

Status - In Stock     Price - $59.95 inc GST

New generation synthetic based formula incorporates a clutch anti slip technology and gives superior performance. You will enjoy a more comfortable ride thanks to easier revving and a visible reduction in smoke emissions when starting

- Semi- synthetic
- 10W40
- Anti clutch slippage
- Superior friction properties
- Smoke reduction system


Elf Moto 4xt tech full synthetic 10W-50 (4 litres)

Status - In Stock     Price - $79.95 inc GST

New design 100% synthetic lubricant for 4 stroke engines. For high endurance performance and power for your engine. Moto 4 XT tech is a concentration of technology for optimum cleanliness of all parts of the engine and smooth and slick gear changes.
- 100% synthetic base
- 10W50
- 100% PAO
- Anti clutch slippage
- Very high endurance performance


Elf Moto Chain Lube

Status - In Stock     Price - $20.00 inc GST

Very high performance grease for motorcycle chains. Its formula was specially developed to provide optimum lubrication under the harshest running conditions.Successfully tested at Moto GP.



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